Queen Of maids

Queen of Maids

Queen of Maids discovered us after the desicion to offer new product to the market - online housemaid booking system. They only had an idea how everything should work. Seems Neat gathered all the information around the internet, made an analysis and provided marketing strategy as well as full web design and development service.

Marketing strategy included user aqcuisition cost, partners searching and communication, online advertising strategy, branding. Seems Neat made a few prototypes of upcoming website, discussed about the together with Queen of Maids and continued to web design and UX tricks based on a service and a website. Easy registration as-a-housemaid as well as 3 steps housemaid booking system were born and developed.

The goal was to gather as much housemaids as possible and to offer companies and individuals to book desired housemaid for the short and long term job. Seems Neat established easy way to gather both - users and clients which led to a success of Queen of Maids. They are still growing.