Apple podcast

Skytech - leading e-commerce website for electronics in Baltics.

Skytech came to us with the idea of making Apple products podcast on their website. In other words, they saw that revenue from sold Apple products are getting higher and higher, so they decided that they want to have separate landing page for all Apple products to present them better and get much more attention from visitors.

After analyzing Skytech e-commerce website, Seems Neat executed a comprehensive Apple podcast page strategy that utilized optimization techniques for all Apple products on Skytech. Seems Neat made it easy for visitor to navigate through the number of pages associated with Apple products as well as to explore them and make a desicion to buy. We presented minimal web design and clear call-to-action buttons so that users could feel fine and easy whole browsing through Apple pages.

This helped Skytech to get 58% more traffic to the website as well as the increase of 32% in revenue from sold Apple products.