Up-Shop Ecommerce System

Ecommerce system for Up-Board

AAEON Technology and ASUS teamed up for a great venture which led to successful Kickstarter campaign and a new business related to electronics engineering. New brand is called Up-Board which runs an ecommerce store named Up-Shop. We are happy to be a part of this project as a digital development partner and we are doing great work all together 6 months already.


We don't just support the ecommerce system - we help to drive great sales and revenue for the client. Sales are increasing each month.


Fully functional ecommerce system connected with 3rd party accounting system

Technologies used

PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, API implementation, PrestaShop content management system.


Aling Wu, AAEON Technology

"Work on e-commerce system for digital sales processes optimization in fast pace environment related to Kickstarter campaign success, new 3rd party investments in AAEON product development and other conditions which led to huge company scalability thus more responsibility by running and supporting whole e-commerce system. Great support provided by seemsneat team."