Warehouse management system

Warehouse management software with project management module. IT City client is one of the leaders in expo goods rental services and expo stands construction in Baltics.

Project process


Ekspobalta has huge warehouse with big variety of goods. The goods have different status of condition (new, used and often used). It is very complex process to manage some situations, for example:  Different project managers must know in which European city 3 out of 5 red IKEA tables are rented, also to find out which project managers are currently working, as well as knowing how long it will take logistics to take cargo back to the main warehouse. There must be a better solution than Excel tables.


IT City have developed web based software considering client’s individual requirements. Laravel framework and MySQL database were used to properly develop the platform and manage easily in the future


Now Ekspobalta project managers not only know, what kind of goods are out of stock, but also they can see everything in perspective of calendar and plan their future more accurately.

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