The most important part in a product success is

A strong team.

We believe in enpowering people to deliver maximum value to customers

Our Core Values


It’s in our DNA. Our clients are our partners and we must be transparent in entire process, to gain trust and secure long term relationship. We are not afraid to tell that we do not agree on that or another, or we do not know how to deliver this or that because we do not have extensive experience in specific field. We strive our process to be as transparent as possible.

Result-Oriented Approach

The roots of our success are connected to our vision and execution of it. Starting from the recruitment to the quality deliverables, we keep our values intact. We hire passionate humans who have that fire burning in them. People who really want to work with us and understand the importance of client expectations to deliver quality results and self growth.

Integrity In Everything

Integrity is our core and is at the center of everything we do. For us, it is as good as following the law, maybe more than that. It is about delivering on our commitments, honesty and fairness in business and day-to-day living. We are a family that believes in team work with one Mantra, that is to die with memories, not dreams. Memories with our peeps, memories with our clients.

Great Place To Be

There are a few things that make Seems Neat a great place to be. We value our peeps. We make sure everyone is happy, motivated and goal oriented. By having monthly one-on-ones with everyone and constantly collecting feedback we make sure every colleague is aware that Seems Neat is an open minded, friendly and honest place to be.


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