MySQL application development

We are at the forefront in delivering highly performant and quality web and mobile applications. Hire our Seems Neat engineers to design and create optimal and fast MySQL databases for your database-driven applications.

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Why Use MySQL?

Developing a digital product is a complicated process that includes meeting the expectations of the market and users, using appropriate technical solutions, and delivering a steady application with an incredible user experience. Choosing a correct development solution will have a huge impact on your app’s success. So why should you choose MySQL?


MySQL is built to be very compatible with a variety of systems, programming languages, and technologies, which makes it a practical option for many organizations.


MySQL offers encryption using SSL protocol, data masking, and other methods of security to protect the data.


As your business expands and the number of data increases, the database has to be scaled up to deal with the additional workload without sacrificing performance. MySQL can be scaled via replication, clustering, and sharding.


MySQL provides 24/7 uptime for your business. It has a wide variety of high availability solutions, such as specialized cluster servers and data replication configuration to ensure that your data flow remains uninterrupted.

Our MySQL development services

MySQL Architecture & Design

We will review your plans and requirements for the application, design and deliver an optimal database for your app for fast and smooth performance.


MySQL Maintenance & Support

We provide support and extensive maintenance for MySQL databases, offered by our expert engineers.


MySQL Consultation

We provide end-to-end consultations to ensure that your application meets your requirements and goals.


MySQL Performance Tuning

Our engineers will tune your MySQL database’s performance with caching, buffer tuning, query optimization, index tuning, and other techniques to eliminate MySQL performance issues.


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