Web and mobile app development

Dedicated Agile development teams for your company digitalization

IT solutions and marketing company with experience in complex projects.

We have strong interest in development of client zones

How can we help a business.

Seems Neat became flexible and well known company. We are IT solutions company with experience in complex projects. Seems Neat specialize in Software development, Web development, E-commerce development, Mobile APP development, for medium and enterprise companies. As a team we pay great attention to innovations and trends.

Our clients appreciate us not only for our work done, but also for our know how and provision of advice. Furthermore, we highly value partnership and progress.


Quality software development.

Seems Neat young motivated and ambitious team of IT professionals – IT project managers, quality assurance engineers, frontend developers, backend developers, system administrators. We had to find our own way in IT industry and after few years of moving back and forth we found out the technologies we are strong with, this didn’t changed since then and we are successfully delivering quality products to medium, enterprise clients mostly in Europe and Lithuania. These days we are mostly concentrated into long term projects and dedicated developer teams which we form for our clients projects.

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Italian Trulli

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