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GetSalon is a system of reservations for beauty services. See the works of beauty specialists, prices for services and find the right one for you. Book the time of the visit immediately, as the system will show you the free times of the specialist's calendar. GetSalon will remind you of the upcoming time of the visit.

With GetSalon, you can make reservations at any time of the day, A few clicks in the app is a much more convenient way to book the time of the visit than to try to call a busy specialist during working hours, and when you call, listen to the availability of his work calendar.

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Vilnius, Lithuania

Beauty service reservation system
Project Status:
Ongoing, started June 2020


We have developed an application for people to quickly and easily book beauty services from various salons. Beauty salons can manage all their services, reservations, clients and workers, and contact information. The administration has an admin panel where they can manage all the beauty salons, view services, and reservations.

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For the User

GetSalon.lt lets the users easily book an appointment at the touch of a button, wherever they are. Users can make reservations for many services from various salons as well as get email and SMS reminders regarding appointments.

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For the Service Provider

The platform lets the service provider see all the reservations on a dedicated calendar. Salons may create, edit and delete reservations, edit their prices, offer deals for the customers.

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With some salons struggling to find customers, some having trouble managing all the appointments, a solution was needed. GetSalon decided to offer the solution to these problems by using modern technologies.

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We fully analyzed our client’s needs and suggested a solution - a web application where beauty salons can easily and efficiently offer their services to their clients.

Beauty salons could manage all the information related to their salon - contact information, clients, workers, services and appointments.

Client module was introduced as well, where clients can preview, rate and cancel their service reservations.

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Added Value

Our solution makes it easier for people to search for services and makes the work of salons more convenient.

Salon clients can easily find services they desire at an available time from a variety of beauty salons.

Salons can manage all the appointments, clients, services, employees, public information in one system.

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