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Clikfit is a startup company specializing in the sports industry. The company seeks to make working out a more efficient and fun activity. Clikfit believes that working out is only one part of the equation so in order to deliver better results for the clients it offers meal plans, videos on how to train and suggest coaches for the person to train with.

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Klaipeda, Lithuania

Sport and nutrition mobile application
Project Status:
Ongoing, started January 2021


A team of trainers, nutritionists, marketers has one goal - to change the way people order and use sport and nutrition plans in their daily activities. Thus Seems Neat has accepted a challenge to come up with modern UI and intuitive UX and then develop Android and iOS mobile applications, together with administration dashboard to manage the app.

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Our client Clikfit noticed that the average person works out as he understands and due to lack of knowledge the workouts are inefficient and carry a huge risk of injury. Therefore a solution that could help people to workout safer and see better and quicker results was needed.

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After a careful analysis of our client’s needs we suggested a solution - mobile app where people could see their workouts, tutorials on how to do exercises correctly and eat healthy, nutritional meals. We created a possibility for the users to find coaches on the app to elevate their training experience even more.

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Added Value

Our solution helps people to workout with a minimal risk of an injury. It helps people to see better results than a conventional internet workout routine would especially when combined with app’s meal suggestions.

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