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A Bit More About Company


For more than three decades, we have been defending and fighting for the right of carnivores to the basis of a full-fledged diet – meat. Founded in 1991, we have grown a small shop to one of the most modern slaughterhouses in Lithuania and today we are not only respected exporters to more than 20 countries in the European Union and beyond, but also a biogas power plant that converts production waste into electricity and heat energy.

The mission of good meat every day flashes in the Vainorai family and burns brighter than ever – here and now we are changing the stagnant market, and the idea is blown by a strong value backbone in the heat. There will be no exceptions – good meat must become a right!


Vilnius, Lithuania

Developing of purchasing system
Project Status:
Ongoing, started June 2020


Seems Neat created an internal purchasing system for Agaras and digitized entire purchasing process from paper to iPad.

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Purchasing managers are able to enter one unique ID to the system and get entire information about seller and the objects on sale. Seems Neat integrated 6 different public companies services into the purchasing system. The main problem is that the source websites didn’t had an API, thus the solution had to be built on crawlers to be able to gather entire data from different sources, accumulate it and provide to purchasing manager.


Agaras has a dedicated branch of purchasing responsibly for entire production purchases in Lithuania and Latvia. The goal was to optimize the purchasing process by implementing automated tools.

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Seems Neat created a web application covering mobile devices and an administration panel to manage purchasing process and keep all the documentation in one place.

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Added Value

Agaras were able to cut purchasing process time from the average 2 hours to 20 minutes on the client site. Went completely paperless on the entire process and manage to create the required documentation with just a few clicks.

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