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Čili is one of the largest pizzeria chains in the Baltic States, operating on a franchise basis.

The Čili brand has been known on the market for more than 20 years. loved by guests for attentive service, high quality standarts and taste of dishes.

According to research data, more than a third of Lithuanian residents identify Čili as their favorite restaurant chain. As many as 6 out of 10 residents visit Čili pizzerias at least once a month, while Čili’s notoriety is 89 percent.

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Čili Pizza

Vilnius, Lithuania

Recipe and ingredient management application
Project Status:
Ongoing, started April 2021


We created a web application so that it would be easy to view recipes for Čili Pizza restaurant employees. Using this application, people at Čili can easily manage ingredients and their suppliers as well as recipes, preview their previous versions, and generate PDF files for them.

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Our client Čili Pizza is the biggest restaurant chain based in Lithuania and Latvia. With many restaurants across countries, it has become difficult to provide all the locations with updated recipes as well as manage all the information. Therefore a solution where everything could be previewed and managed was needed.

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After a thorough analysis of our client’s needs we suggested a solution - a web application where employees could preview, create, update and delete recipes, ingredients and suppliers.

They could preview all the changes made to recipes due to saved previous versions.

Feature that generates PDF files for them was added as well so the latest recipes could be printed and distributed to cooks for even quicker access.

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Added Value

Our solution makes Čili Pizza work more efficiently. Now all the information about suppliers, ingredients and recipes are stored in one system. Employees may quickly preview updated recipes by just logging in to the system as well.

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