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Civinity has been engaged in the administration and maintenance of multi-apartment buildings since 1991. Their knowledge and many years of experience, as well as the use of state-of-the-art technologies allow them to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers and retention as well as an increase in value of their real estate.

The history of Civinity Home began with companies of administration of multi-apartment residential buildings in Lithuania. In the last 15 years, 12 separate companies have merged in Lithuanian and Latvian cities, which are now represented by a common international brand Civinity Namai, which ensures the best service and value creation for each client.

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Vilnius, Lithuania

Self service portal for clients and customers
Project Status:
Ongoing, started February 2023
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Civinity had their old self service portal running but as years passed and business processes changed, the need of a brand new system came up and Seems Neat took the challenge to convert ideas and business processes to a working system used by thousands of customers every day.

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The main idea of the self service system is to let customers manage their apartment data, pay the bills, register accidents and get all the information in one place with the preferable device. Fully working web application as well as iOS and Android mobile applications.

Customers can login with all the popular methods, add their apartment data, pay the bills through the bank link, check for building news added by administrator, register accidents if any, get the live support on extra cases, be up to date with all of the important news by getting notifications on web or mobile, manage their own data and get the valuable statistics of their apartment.

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Added Value

One unified, modern and intuitive system for customers, Civinity employees and partners to manage apartments, buildings and communicate directly to each other on extra or daily cases.

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