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Our story began more than 10 years ago where we right from the start positioned ourselves as one of the leading companies in the marine industry. Our company grew rapidly – from the humble beginning of just 5 people to over 600 skilled and experienced employees worldwide now.

We all, at Aros Marine, are ready to go the extra mile to achieve the highest quality possible and make sure our customers are happy with the result.

That’s why our current slogan is “Ship you are proud of” – where all of your visions are fulfilled.

Years of experience
Skilled and experienced employees worldwide
A Bit More About Company image
Aros Marine

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Saint-Nazaire, France

Warehouse management system
Project Status:
Ongoing, started May 2021


Seems Neat created a warehouse management system with iOS and Android mobile applications for workers and warehouse managers to easily issue and return tools. Administration could also track exact tool’s history, warranty periods, issues and other tool data.

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Our client Aros Marine is one of the leading companies in the marine industry. Company quickly grew and now it has over 600 skilled workers worldwide. Managing over 600 workers worldwide became a difficult task so Aros Marine decided to make a project management more efficient with a help of technology.

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After the analysis of client’s needs, a solution was suggested. We suggested an app where project managers could track workers’ progress, see their efficiency and work done.

They could assign more work to selected workers over multiple projects and countries from anywhere in the world.

Tool sharing module was also introduced, where warehouse managers can see the movement of the tool and know who has it it at any particular moment. This information is also reachable from the web admin panel, where admins or project managers can see various performance graphs.

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Added Value

Our solution adds efficiency. Now managers do not need to be present to assign tasks to the workers. They can also see their productivity which helps to understand if there are any blockers and if the worker needs some help.

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